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WCPT - Asia Western Pacific (AWP)
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Room 3, 3F., No.374, Section 2, Bade Road
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AWP Regional meeting

The next regional meeting will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 26-27 June 2017. The meeting will be in conjunction with the AWP & PTAT Congress taking place on 28-30 June 2017.

AWP and PTAT Congress

Bangkok is the exciting destination for this truly international event. Keynote speakers have been drawn from all over our diverse region, and the rest of the world, to provide the best in learning to the physiotherapy profession.

Moving towards health, longevity and sustainability makes for a broad ranging theme, which will cover clinical practice, advocacy and research in the region.

Visit the conference website to read more about this exciting event.

Message from the Chair

The Asia Western Pacific Region (AWP) is one of five regional groupings of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

The AWP is one of the largest and most populous geographical regions in WCPT.  It is a region where physical therapy is well established in some countries and emerging in others.  As a consequence the variability in physical therapy practice is quite marked.

As Chair of the region, I am deeply committed to building the capacity of local physical therapists and other health professionals to undertake leadership roles in education and health service delivery in their own communities.

There are a number of priority areas for the AWP region including the development of accreditation standards and support for regulation of the profession.  These issues are key to the development and growth of physical therapy in many countries in the region. Addressing them will assist in maintaining standards of practice and education.

Physical therapy is a young profession in many countries in the region and there is an urgent need to ensure standards are put in place so that physical therapy can grow and develop, assisting the health outcomes of these countries in the best possible way.

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