Education resources

WCPT supports the development of high quality physical therapy education by publishing physical therapist professional entry level curriculum guidelines, policies and a range of resources and opportunities. It provides material on this website to enhance  education delivery, and education at all stages of professional development.

WCPT education policy statement

WCPT's education policy statement sets out expectations for physical therapy education.

WCPT entry level education guideline

All programmes are expected to meet minimum requirements set out in the WCPT guideline for physical therapist professional entry level education.

WCPT continuing professional development guideline

The guideline is physical therapy professional organisations and others to use in their efforts to develop and support CPD in the profession.

WCPT Network for Physical Therapist Educators

Network for physical therapist educators interested in all aspects of education from pre-qualifying through the full range of post-qualifying opportunities. Join the LinkedIn discussion group.

List of entry level PT education programmes

WCPT provides a list of entry level professional physical therapy education programmes recognised by WCPT member organisations.

List of continuing professional development courses

WCPT provides a list with links to continuing professional development (CPD) courses, and information about CPD provided by WCPT member organisations for their members.

Resources from external organisations

Resources from organisations outside WCPT on educational issues for health professionals around the world.

Students and PTs with disabilities

WCPT supports international policies underpinning the inclusion of people with disabilities in employment and society; this extends to access to physical therapist professional entry level education and support in practice. This section includes WCPT's own resources, and sources of information from others.

Working and studying abroad

Find information on opportunities to assist with developing education programmes and faculty exchanges.