Find an expert service

WCPT has created a service to join groups that need expert help with physical therapists who can meet their needs. Its database of experts is a list of people who are prepared to volunteer their services to help develop the profession internationally. WCPT can match requests for support – whether it be in education, practice or research – with the best person to help.

The service is provided on an entirely voluntary basis. WCPT’s role is to facilitate people getting together and otherwise takes no part in the collaboration.


WCPT is frequently asked for advice on physical therapy practice, education, research and policy from member organisations, and organisations with which WCPT collaborates. However, as a small organisation with limited resources, it relies on the goodwill and expertise of individuals working collectively to develop the profession internationally.

So it is harnessing the expertise of physical therapists from all over the world who are prepared to give their time with little or no recompense.

WCPT is also looking to develop a programme of short continuous professional development courses which will be facilitated by a database of experts willing to participate.

Seeking expertise?

If you need physical therapy expertise to develop the profession in your country or to provide physical therapy advice to a national, regional or international project, this website provides further information on requesting expertise and an application form.

Once a request is received, the WCPT Secretariat will search the expert database to match requirements with a volunteer physical therapy expert.

Expertise to share?

If you are willing to support the development of the profession and have extensive knowledge and expertise in physical therapy practice, education, research, professional issues or global health - or expertise complementary to the profession - you can access further information on sharing your expertise on this website.