Looking back, looking forward

08 Jan 2016

By Emma Stokes, WCPT President

New Year brings with it reflections on the year that has past and the one to come. As I look back at the seven months that have flown by since many of us gathered for the WCPT Congress, I think what exciting times these have been for me and the profession globally.

WCPT Congress 2019 to be held in Geneva

21 Dec 2015

The WCPT General Meeting and Congress in 2019 will be hosted by physioswiss, the Swiss Physiotherapy Association, and held in Geneva, WCPT’s Executive Board has announced.

Executive Board has "hit the ground running"

03 Dec 2015

A new WCPT membership committee was established and the forthcoming WCPT congresses were discussed at the WCPT Executive Board meeting from 28th to 30th November.

Lorimer Moseley from Australia convened a focused symposium on chronic pain at the WCPT Congress in Singapore.

Could this be your chance to run a key WCPT Congress session?

03 Dec 2015

Could this be your chance to run one of the key sessions for the WCPT Congress in Cape Town, South Africa in 2017? WCPT is inviting recognised experts in their fields to submit proposals for focused symposia – sessions which are central to the congress programme and which explore cutting edge topics.

WCPT Look Forward Together: global reach widens

01 Dec 2015

Nearly 700 people have responded to WCPT’s third poll as part of its strategic plan consultation – and the Confederation is encouraging new contributions as more translations of the poll questions become available.

Stefan Jutterdal from the Swedish Physiotherapy Association talks about the consultation in a new video

WCPT Look Forward Together: poll number three will look at action

16 Nov 2015

What actions do you think WCPT should take over the next four years? With the first two online polls in the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation about to close, a new poll will be posted at the end of this week asking for your views about priorities for action.

Knowledge resources in spinal injuries grow

19 Oct 2015

A new web-based content creation project on spinal cord injuries (SCI) is drawing in physical therapists from around the world to build a new resource for the profession and the SCI community.


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