Information sharing

One of WCPT’s main aims is to facilitate communication and information exchange among member organisations, regions, subgroups and individual physical therapists. It does this through providing professional networks, access to research, gateways to information and various communication channels such as social media, publications and this website.

Professional networks

WCPT promotes and supports information sharing across professional networks through its subgroups and networks.

Information gateways

Having researched areas and gathered information, WCPT presents collated resources to member organisations and individual physical therapists. The information it gathers and shares on areas such as scope of practice, direct access, evidence based practice, quality and standards and regulation facilitates learning in a wide range of areas vital to the development of the profession and global health.

Communication channels

WCPT uses a variety of communication channels to interact with users. This includes online publications such as WCPT News and e-Update, social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, and video outlets such as YouTube. This website is WCPT’s communications hub.