Profiling the profession: WCPT's data collection

WCPT is collecting a set of internationally significant data from all its member organisations. Once collected, this information will provide what is known as a “common data set”, providing internationally comparable, reliable and consistent data about WCPT member organisations and the physical therapy profession in the countries of the members.

The information is already being made available to member organisations and regions to support them in their efforts to gain recognition and increased resources for the profession.

Compiling the WCPT common data set involves WCPT member organisations collecting and supplying uniform data. The project does not preclude member organisations or regions from collecting additional data to meet their specific needs.

What can the information be used for?

Data may be used for planning and evaluation. For example, to provide:

  • estimates of the total number of physical therapists represented by member organisations (MOs), regions and WCPT
  • estimates of numbers of physical therapists per head of population
  • comparisons of ratio of physical therapists to population across nations and regions
  • comparisons of ratio of physical therapists to population with ratio of other health professions to population
  • trends in physical therapy regulation, education and practice
  • indications of the need for possible increases in the level of service
  • indications of regions with low numbers of physical therapists in relation to the population in need

Accessing the information

The information is trawled for and updated on a regular basis. The profiles of WCPT member organisations in the members section of this website includes country profiles, using the most up to date information gathered.