WCPT develops partnerships with a range of organisations, projects, selected companies and continuing professional development providers which share its values and aspirations, and wish to support WCPT's projects and initiatives.

Professional partnerships

WCPT develops professional partnerships with physical therapy organisations and projects which share its aim to advance evidence based practice and raise standards through the provision of open access resources. If you are interested in discussing opportunities contact Tracy Bury at

Commercial partnerships

WCPT is interested in promoting cooperation between the physical therapy profession and industry and is open to both long-term partnerships and one-off project support.  It is interested in opportunities that fulfil the needs of both parties.  Apart from such arrangements, WCPT does not accept advertising from companies.

If you are from a commercial organisation and would like to discuss opportunities for partnership with WCPT, contact Mia Lockner at

Every two years, WCPT offers additional opportunities for company involvement at the WCPT Congress.

CPD partnerships

WCPT has established partnerships with several online providers of continuing professional development (CPD) in order to support members of the profession in maintaining, developing and enhancing their skills and knowledge. If you are an online CPD provider and interested in partnering with WCPT contact Tracy Bury at