Focused symposia

More focused symposium proposals have been received for 2015 than ever before, allowing the International Scientific Committee to select topics with high calibre international speakers, ensuring programming covers practice, research, education, management and policy perspectives.

Focused symposia are central to the congress programme. They are one-and-a-half-hour sessions led by a convenor who is a recognised authority in their field. The convenor leads a team of presenters, from at least three WCPT regions, through a series of linked presentations on a topic. There is then a discussion period with the audience. At the end, the convenor gives some insight into the implications and future directions for practice, research and education.

Focused symposia provide a forum where cutting edge topics can be explored and debated, drawing together different research and practice perspectives. As part of an international team, focused symposium convenors and speakers can explore the implications of the latest research and thinking as well as debate controversies and lay the foundations for further interactions and initiatives.

They are always popular with congress delegates, drawing large audiences, providing lively discussion and positive feedback.