Mexico: a profile of the profession

The data has been provided by Asociación Mexicana de Fisioterapia and to the extent possible are a true reflection of the situation in the country, however not all figures are authoritative and should be interpreted accordingly. For definitions and metadata please refer to the data guide. For questions or feedback please contact

Reference year: 2011

Professional title
English title:
Physiotherapy  (Protected by law)
Other titles:
  • Fisioterapia  (Protected by law)
  • Terapia Física   (Protected by law)
  • Fisica y Rehabilitación   (Protected by law)
Number of physical therapist members:
400          (as at 31 December 2011)
Female : Male ratio:
2.28 : 1
Entry level student organisation:
Yes, represented by the WCPT member organisation
Practising physical therapists
Number of practising physical therapists:
3,057        (Authoritative*)
Note: *this data has come from a registration authority, a government source or statistical agency.
Special interest groups recognised by Asociación Mexicana de Fisioterapia
Recognised special interest groups:
    • Cardiorespiratory physical therapy
      • Educators in physical therapy
        • Neurology
          • Orthopaedics/manual therapy
            • Older people
              • Sports physical therapy
Collaborative arrangements (twinning)
Physical therapist professional entry level education
Number of programmes:
Starting education level (minimum):
Upper secondary
Finishing education level (minimum):
Bachelors degree
Equivalent fulltime years:
Education for autonomous practice:
Other entry level programmes
Starting education level
Finishing education level(s)
Upper Secondary
Bachelors degree
Graduate diploma
Bachelors degree
Masters degree
Note: qualification levels are consistent with ISCED 1997 levels
Scope of practice defined by:
Ministry of Health or another government department
Direct access* permitted:
Standards of practice:
Code of conduct:
Yes, WCPT member organisation specific code of conduct
Physical Therapists are permitted to:
  • Assess patients/clients
  • Treat (interventions, advice and evaluation of outcome)
  • Refer to other specialists/services
  • Offer preventative advice/services
* Direct access - a person can refer themselves to a physical therapist without referral from another health professional
Registration required to practice:
CPD* required for re-registration:
CPD* required for membership:
The system of regulation in the country:
The regulator of all professions is the General Direction of professions Secretary of public education, (Secretaria de Educación Publica) through professional associations, this year 2012 AMEFI will be the regulator . The links are on the question of prior education.
* CPD - Continuing Professional Development