WCPT continuing education offerings

WCPT provides courses and materials that can be used for continuing professional development.

WCPT continuing education courses

WCPT recognises that continuing education courses are not easy to access in all parts of the world. A number of well-known course leaders have volunteered their time to offer WCPT member organisations and regions a range of courses covering subjects including: 

  • ICF
  • manipulative therapy
  • community based rehabilitation
  • musculoskeletal
  • laser therapy
  • oncology
  • geriatric orthopaedics
  • burns rehabilitation

The courses are on average two to three days and are be taught by presenters who are experts in their field. The presenters have volunteered their time for free. They are happy to travel, but their traveling and accommodation costs have to be covered through course fees or other means.

WCPT member organisations or regions interested in setting up such a course in their area should contact the WCPT Secretariat at info@wcpt.org. They will be provided with further information regarding costs involved and resources needed. Please note that any profits from the course will be shared by the member organisation/region and WCPT

Individual physical therapists wishing to attend a course should contact their member organisation.

Download directory of voluntary speakers and courses available.

WCPT Congress learning materials

The 2017 WCPT Congress offered new opportunities for physical therapists to engage with experts on contemporary topics. You too can learn from these experts by accessing their presentations on this website free of charge.  Eleven focused symposia were recorded, with accompanying PowerPoint presentations. The materials can be used in teaching and learning, for individuals and groups.