Abstract mentoring

Q: What is mentoring?

A: The abstract mentoring programme is for first time presenters at a WCPT congress or those with limited or no experience of submitting an abstract for a scientific congress. The goal of WCPT’s mentorship programme is to help the author present their material clearly and concisely prior to submitting the abstract to the formal abstract review process. As abstracts must be submitted in English the programme may be most helpful for those whose first language is not English or who are not used to the structure of the abstract format.

Q: When is the abstract mentoring programme available?

A: The abstract mentoring closed on 16th September 2016.

Q: I submitted my abstract for mentoring, when will I receive feedback?

A: Feedback will be provided, with advice on ways that the clarity of expression could be enhanced, in time to make changes and submit before the 31st October 2016 deadline. It is the author’s responsibility to submit the abstract following the call for abstracts guidelines.

It is important to note that the mentoring process is entirely separate from the formal abstract submission and review process. Requesting mentoring assistance and gaining feedback from that process does not guarantee that an abstract will be accepted for presentation at the WCPT Congress 2017.

Abstract submission (platform and poster)

Q: How can I submit an abstract?

A: The deadline for submission of abstracts, 31st October 2016, has now passed. .

Q: My university will pay the abstract submission fee on my behalf.  I therefore need to provide them with an invoice addressed to them.  How can I do this?

A: If you need an invoice for your abstract submission fee addressed to your university, please send a copy of your original invoice, along with your university name and address as it should appear on the invoice to abstracts@wcpt.org.

Q: When will I receive notification of whether my abstract has been accepted or not?

A: All those who submitted abstracts were notified as to whether or not their abstract has been accepted for presentation on 23rd February 2017.

Q: If my abstract is accepted, when will I know the date on which I will present it?

A: All presenters were notified of the time and date of their presentation on 12th April 2017.

Q: I want to request a specific day to present, is this possible?

A: The scheduling of all presentations will be determined by the International Scientific Committee to ensure best fit with the overall congress programme.  Any requests for specific dates and times will not be considered.  Similar abstracts in related topic areas will be grouped together for platform presentation and poster display.


Q: Where can I find information about, or book accommodation?

A: Information on congress hotels and the hotel booking service is available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/accommodation.

Change of presenting author

Q: I am no longer able to attend congress and present my abstract.  Can a colleague present my abstract?

A: The author presenting the paper must register to attend the congress and be available to participate in the programme at the time scheduled.  Only an author may present the abstract and a person may only present a maximum of two abstracts.  If no author is available the abstract will be withdrawn.

Any changes to the presenting author will need to be notified directly to Rachel Moore (rmoore@wcpt.org) at WCPT.  Changes will be incorporated into the final programme if there is sufficient time, but thereafter no further changes will be reflected in the programme.

Congress Update

Q: How can I sign up to receive the congress e-letter, Congress Update?

A: You are given the option to sign up to our mailing lists when you register on our website. If you have already registered you can edit your mailing list subscriptions by clicking on the My Account link which is available whenever you're logged in to the site. You can subscribe/unsubcribe to mailing lists under the Edit tab.


Q: I have a question regarding congress, who should I contact?

A: If your question relates to your abstract submission, please contact abstracts@wcpt.org. All other congress related questions should be sent to congress@wcpt.org.

Continuing education

Q: I want to use the WCPT Congress for CPD points.  Can I have a letter/certificate indicating the number of credit hours?

A: All delegates will be sent a certificate of attendance via email after the congress.

WCPT has awarded WCPT International Physical Therapy Continuing Education Units (WCPT IPT-CEUs) to congress days and pre- and post-congress courses.

The following IPT-CEUs have been awarded:

Activity Number of WCPT IPT-CEUs
3 day congress attendance 27
2 day congress attendance 18
1 day congress attendance 9
1 day pre- or post-congress course 8
½ day pre- or post-congress course 4

1 WCPT IPT-CEU = 1 hour of learning

Details of the WCPT IPT-CEUs allocated will be included on certificates of attendance. 
Individual physical therapists will need to check the continuing professional development requirements in their own country. They are advised to contact their member organisation, or regulatory body, to see if recognition will be awarded for continuing education resulting from attendance at the WCPT congress and any course.

Exhibiton and sponsors

Q: Where can I find information on exhibition and sponsorship?

A: Details on exhibition and sponsorship can be found at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/exhibition

Focused symposia

Q: What is a focused symposium?

A: Focused symposia are central to the congress programme. Popular with congress delegates, they draw large audiences and provide lively discussion.

They are one-and-a-half-hour sessions led by a chair who is a recognised expert in the field. The chair has the responsibility for inviting and leading a group of international speakers, from at least three WCPT regions, through a series of evidence based and critically reflective linked presentations, drawing out the relevance to practitioners, managers, educators, researchers and/or policy makers.

Focused symposia provide a forum where cutting edge topics can be explored and debated, drawing together different research and practice perspectives. As part of an international team, focused symposium chairs and speakers can explore the implications of the latest research and thinking as well as debate controversies and lay the foundations for future interactions and initiatives.

Q: How can I submit a focused symposium proposal?

A: The deadline for submission of proposals, 28th February 2016, has now passed.

Q: When will I receive notification of whether my proposal for a focused symposium has been accepted or rejected?

A: All focused symposia submitters were notified as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted for presentation on 15th June 2016.

Q: If my symposium is accepted, when will I know the date on which I will present it?

A: All presenters were notified of the time and date of their presentation on 12th April 2017.

Q: I'm a symposium presenter, rather than the chair, and keen to achieve a publication from the congress, will I be seen as an author of the abstract?

A: All symposium presenters will appear as co-authors on the abstract and appear in the congress programme. You can therefore include the abstract on your list of publications. There may also be other potential outputs from the congress leading to additional publications.


Q: Does WCPT provide any grants to attend the congress?

A: Unfortunately WCPT does not have funds available to assist with the attendance at the congress. Delegates are responsible for finding funds to pay for travel, registration and accommodation. Please be assured we are working hard to provide a range of accommodation options and to keep the registration fee at as reasonable a rate as we can and still meet our financial obligations.

Q: Does WCPT know of any organisations where I could apply for a grant to attend the congress?

A: We would advise you to contact your national association who may be able to provide you with information applicable in your country.


Q: What language will presentations be made in?

A: The main congress language is English. However, WCPT appreciates that this can represent challenges for non-English speaking delegates and is therefore looking into ways that discussions in some sessions can be facilitated in other languages. For example, there will be poster walks in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Other opportunities may be included in networking sessions, seminars and discussions in the Indaba, a new meeting and inspiration zone within the exhibition hall.

Letters of invitation

Q: How can I obtain a letter of invitation?

A: Information on visas and letters of invitation is available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/visas

Party night

Q: Will any more tickets be released for the party night event taking place on 3rd July?

A: Unfortunately there aren’t currently any more tickets available for the party night.  However, we are exploring options to increase capacity for this event.  In the meantime we are operating a waiting list for tickets.  If you would like to be added to this waiting list please email our registration team at wcpt2017reg@seatoskymeetings.com  Should more tickets become available, all those on the waiting list will be notified immediately.

Poster displays

Q: Posters are often seen as a secondary option to platform presentations.  Can you assure us that WCPT will ensure they are promoted as being of equal standing to platform abstracts?

A: The International Scientific Committee wishes to affirm its view that posters and platform presentations are considered to have equal standing in the scientific programme and have been judged according to the same criteria.  Poster presenters will have a designated time to be at their poster to speak with delegates, and these times will be programmed in the same way that platform abstracts will be grouped in a session.  This provides a valuable opportunity to network with delegates and other presenters interested in the same field as you.  In addition posters on related topics are grouped together for display.  WCPT has located posters in an area that will ensure a good attendance from delegates.

There will also be a small number of poster walks taking place each day, where a high profile moderator will lead delegates round a small number of posters for discussions with presenters.

Pre- and post-congress courses

Q: What are pre- and post-congress courses?

A: Pre- and post-congress courses complement the scientific programme with a focus on applied knowledge and skills, exploring issues in depth in an area of clinical practice, education, management, research or policy. They actively engage participants via any of a range of learning formats.

Courses offer delegates the chance to gain practical experience, listen to the latest research and practice advances, learn directly from experts and meet with others in their field of interest.

Delegates can add pre- and/or post-congress courses to enhance their experience of attending WCPT Congress 2017.

The pre- and post-congress courses are an optional element that are open to delegates who register to attend at least one day of the congress and they carry a separate fee. Attendance numbers are restricted and managed through the registration process. There are a limited number of openings available for these sessions.

Q: I would like to attend a congress course, can I add this to my registration at a later date?

A: Yes, courses may be added to your registration up until 22nd June 2017, but we encourage early booking as spaces are limited.  You can view the full list of pre- and post-congress courses at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/courses.

Q: How can I submit a course proposal?

A:The deadline for submission of proposals, 25th March 2016, has now passed.

Q: Will WCPT cover travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for course presenters?

A: Full details of the expenses covered are included in the call for pre- and post-congress course proposals.

WCPT's policy agreed by the Executive Board, and International Scientific Committee, is that honoraria will not be provided for the course organiser or presenters.

Q: When will I receive notification of whether my proposal for a pre- or post-congress course has been accepted or rejected?

A: All course submitters were notified as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted for presentation on 20th June 2016.


Q: I have an idea for the programme. Is there scope to add it?

A: The International Scientific Committee is working hard to ensure a comprehensive and interesting programme is offered and undertook a widespread consultation in September 2015 to help inform this. There is limited scope to add new ideas to the programme but we would still like to hear from you.

Please send your idea to bmuellerwinkler@wcpt.org and if there is scope to include it we will contact you to discuss it further. Please note, the closer we get to the congress, the less flexibility we will have to introduce new ideas.

Q: When will the congress programme be available?

A: The preliminary congress programme will be available in October 2016. Further programme details will be announced as and when available.  All presenters were notified of the date and time of their presentation in 12th April 2017.


Q: When will I be able to register for congress?

A: Online registration is open, you can register via www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/registration.

Q: Can I register onsite?

A: Onsite registration is possible, however in order to comply with local tax regulations, payment for onsite registrations from residents outside South Africa can only be made by credit card (USD) or in cash with South African Rand (ZAR).  South African residents can pay by credit card or in cash (South African Rand).

Q: Why is registration being sold in two currencies?

A: The US Dollar (USD) is the de facto world currency and most international transactions are conducted with the USD; it is also widely traded across Africa. Therefore WCPT has decided that it will be the main currency accepted for congress registration fees.

Only residents of South Africa have the option to pay in Rand (ZAR the local currency). WCPT has sought financial advice so as to limit the risk due to currency fluctuations. Therefore, to manage its financial commitments in organising the congress, including its currency exposure, we need to limit funds collected in ZAR.

WCPT will not be amending the registration fees in response to future currency market fluctuations

Q: The ZAR registration fee would offer me a better deal so why am I paying more in USD?

A: Exchange rates vary from day to day as currency markets fluctuate. Some currencies are more volatile and susceptible to change than others. The ZAR is a particularly volatile currency.

For example, since the last WCPT congress in 2015 USD700 has converted in the range of ZAR7,490 - ZAR11,900.

Q: The fees for 2017 seem higher than 2015, is that true?

A: In general, the fees are lower than 2015. However, this depends on the relative strength or weakness of your home currency.

In 2015 the registration fee was SGD1,015 for a full congress early bird registration. At the time that registration opened this would have equated to USD800, so the fees are actually 12.5% cheaper in 2017.

If you are a UK resident, then the fee in 2015 would have been around £480. Prior to the Brexit vote the fee for 2017 would have been the same. However, the decision to leave the European Union has weakened the GBP which is why the fee will now be higher.

Different examples will exist in other parts of the world.

Q: The registration fee is very high and it is beyond the means of the average physical therapist in my country. Does WCPT make some allowance for physical therapists from developing countries or where salaries are very low?

A: We realise that the impact of the registration fee depends on specific circumstances and the economy of your country. WCPT is in a position where it must cover the costs of its congress through registration fees.

We hope that there will be at least one physical therapist from each member organisation and that they will be able to return and share their knowledge and experience with colleagues.

We receive many requests for grants, speaker’s honorarium and reduced registration fees for a variety of reasons.

Reducing the rate for one group or paying some speakers would mean that we have to increase the registration fee for others. Presenters, session chairs and delegates from all member organisations therefore pay the same rate.

Q: I only want to register for one day of the congress but don't know which day yet, will I be able to confirm or change the day later?

A: You can register for one day at the advance rate.  You can then change/confirm the day you are attending up until 22nd June 2017.

Q: I am a member of my national physical therapy association. Can I obtain a reduced registration rate?

A: You are only eligible for the member rate if you are a member of a WCPT member organisation. For a full list of WCPT member organisations visit www.wcpt.org/members

Q: Am I a member of WCPT? How do I join?

A: WCPT is a confederation of 112 national physical therapy associations. Individuals are linked to WCPT through their national associations. We do not have an individual membership category. A full list of WCPT member organisation can be found on the WCPT website at www.wcpt.org/members

Q: Is there a special rate for retired physical therapists?

A: If you are permanently retired from practice and are a member of a WCPT member organisation you are eligible for the retired rate.

Q: Can I obtain a student rate?

A: Students currently enrolled in a physical therapist professional entry level qualifying programme and who are graduating in 2017 or after are eligible for the student rate. Students who graduated in or before December 2016 are not eligible. The student rate does not apply to physical therapists in post qualifying graduate programmes or to other graduate students (eg MSc, PhD). Physical therapy assistant students are also eligible for the student rate.

Q: I am not a physical therapist, however, I am part of a physical therapy education/research programme. Am I eligible for the member registration fee?

A: WCPT recognises that other professions contribute to physical therapy education and research programmes. WCPT is therefore extending its member registration rate to non-PT educators/researchers who are presenting at WCPT Congress 2017.

Q: I would like to attend a congress course, can I add this to my registration at a later date?

A: Yes, courses may be added to your registration up until 22nd June 2017, but we encourage early booking as spaces are limited.  You can view the full list of pre- and post-congress courses at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/courses.

Q: Can I add an option from the social programme after I have registered?

A: Yes, changes to your registration, including adding an option from the social programme, may be made up until 22nd June 2017, but we encourage early booking as spaces are limited.  


Q: Are biographies available for any of the congress speakers?

A: You can access biographies of all course and focused symposium speakers from the index of speakers. Biographies of those chairing discussion panels and seminars will be added as they are confirmed.


Q: Where will the congress take place?

A: WCPT Congress 2017 will be held at Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), a world-class venue located in the hub of Cape Town’s business and entertainment centre. Only 20 minutes from Cape Town International Airport, CTICC is conveniently located just minutes from the city's entertainment and cultural attractions.

Find out more about Cape Town International Convention Centre at www.cticc.co.za/.


Q: Do I need a visa to attend the congress?

A: You are encouraged to review your visa requirements and start your application as soon as possible. Details on travel visas for South Africa are available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/visas


Q: I would like to volunteer at congress.

A: Full information on volunteering at WCPT Congress 2017 is available at www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/volunteers