WCPT News provides news and information from member organisations, regions and subgroups; plus reports on WCPT initiatives, and executive committee and general meeting decisions, as well as opinion articles on international issues relevant to the profession.

WCPT News depends on contributions from our member organisations, regions, subgroups and other organisations associated with WCPT. Please send your reports, articles and photographs to our editor at scrompton@wcpt.org


WCPT News is published every three months, and sent to our member organisations, regions and subgroups by email. Individual physical therapists can also sign up to receive WCPT News by registering with this website.

Technical Information

The appearance of WCPT News may vary from computer to computer, because people have different email programmes and screen resolutions.  This also means that emailed versions may look different than online versions.  We produce WCPT News so that it will be easily readable by as many people as possible, but for some readers this may mean there is what looks like wasted space.

If pictures do not appear in your copy of WCPT News, this may be because some email programs block images in emails unless you tell them to do otherwise.  There should be a link at the top of the email window that lets you "always display images from this sender" or a similar message.