International Confederation of Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapists (ICCrPT)

WCPT Subgroup
Date of subgroup recognition

Cardiorespiratory physical therapy

The International Confederation of Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapists (ICCrPT) was approved as a subgroup of WCPT at the 17th General Meeting of WCPT, in Amsterdam, June 2011.

Representatives from WCPT member organisations in the following countries are active in the group through 2013 membership: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom.  There is also currently one associate member, Iceland.

Member organisations which are not currently active in the group but feel that there may be interest among their members should:

  • forward the information about the confederation to the appropriate interest group and encourage it to nominate a representative for communication with the steering group
  • direct inquiries to Brenda O'Neill

The ICCrPT is an international physical therapy organisation representing a unified body for physical therapists with a special interest in cardiorespiratory physical therapy.

The ICCrPT aims to promote excellence in the practice of cardiorespiratory physical therapy internationally through adherence to standards and consistency of practice. It also aims to advance the scope of cardiorespiratory physical therapy by facilitating and supporting evidence based practice, knowledge exchange, education of future physical therapists, clinical specialisation, research and international collaboration.

The ICCrPT provides a platform where therapists with a common interest in cardiorespiratory health may meet, confer and promote these interests.