One year on: Emma Stokes pictured after her election at the WCPT Congress in Singapore, May 2015
One year on: Emma Stokes pictured after her election at the WCPT Congress in Singapore, May 2015

Thank you for your part in a transformative year

By Emma Stokes, WCPT President

The new WCPT Board took office on 4th May 2015. It is hard to imagine that a full year has gone by. It has been remarkable time, transformative and full of energy.

None of this would have been possible without the global physical therapy community, our member organisations, subgroups, networks, regions, committees, a committed Board and the team at the WCPT Secretariat.

So once again, thank you.

To our member organisations, who trusted the new Board and our staff to build on the great work of previous Executive Committees and return with a business plan within a year: thank you for your trust, encouragement, support and leadership.

Thank you for engaging with the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation and for your honest and clear feedback. Thank you also for giving us a little extra time. We will be returning to you with a business plan in early June.

To our subgroups and networks, thank you for your continued energy, enthusiasm and commitment to raising standards in physical therapy worldwide. Thank you for responding with expert advice when we have sought it. You have enabled WCPT to advocate nationally on behalf of member organisations and at the highest levels globally.

To our regional chairs, executive committees and secretariat support, thank you for ensuring the pulse of WCPT is always informed by regional perspectives.

Congratulations to the WCPT European Region and North America Caribbean Region for two very engaging and informative regional meetings. Thank you to the Africa Region for your enthusiasm and support in the build-up to the WCPT Congress in Cape Town in 2017.

To the WCPT South America Region, we look forward to hearing the news from your meeting in June. And to the Asia Western Pacific Region, thank you for your tremendous support of member organisations, and their communities, who have suffered great hardship due to recent natural disasters.

To the members of our new Finance Committee, Accreditation Committee and Membership Committee, and to the members of the International Scientific Committee, thank you. You are key to our governance and ensure we are sustainable, bringing a wealth of experience, perspective and cultural diversity to our work.

Over 3,000 of you in the global physical therapy community responded with enthusiasm and commitment to the WCPT Look Forward Together polls. Your voices and message are strong in the draft WCPT strategic plan, mirroring those of our member organisations.

Thank you to those who are participating in the discussion about our profession on social media. It is wonderful to see how busy and connected we are internationally.

To the WCPT Board: Margot, Esther, Melissa, John, Stacy and Gabriela: thank you for volunteering to become members, and for your commitment to creating the best version of ourselves as a Board. Thank you for travelling the world in support of WCPT and for your tireless efforts on top of busy day jobs. Thank you for your support, advice and your great humour.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to the WCPT staff. To those who have joined us – Susan and Kiran – welcome. To Brenda Myers, who left us a great legacy, and to Mia, Titi, Simon, Rachel, Dan, Catherine and Esther, thank you for your hard work and patience in a time of great change. A very special thanks to Tracy Bury, who agreed to be our interim Chief Executive Officer.

As I come to the end of the first year of a four-year term as President, I have reflected on the wishes I was given in Singapore twelve months ago: to be responsible, courageous and imaginative. I do hope you think we have been.

We have looked in, looked out and looked to the future. It has been an exciting year and I am immensely grateful for the privilege of being on this journey with you.

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