Community based rehabilitation

WCPT is committed to the development of primary health care and community based rehabilitation (CBR), and physical therapists' role within it.  It has conducted surveys, contributed to international reviews of CBR, incorporated CBR into its congresses and produced a range of resources to spread information and expertise.  This section includes WCPT's own resources, and sources of information from others.

WCPT policy statements

WCPT publishes policy statements on primary health care and community based rehabilitation. Its policy statement on education also embraces CBR.

WCPT publications

WCPT has produced two Keynote papers and a briefing paper on CBR.

External publications

WCPT provides links and access to a wide range of publications on CBR from the World Health Organization and other organisations.


There are a large number of online databases that contain useful information about CBR.

Organisations and useful links

Access to the many organisations that have a focus on CBR.