WCPT works with a wide range of external organisations to further its aims, advance physical therapy globally and promote global health.  These collaborations give WCPT and the profession of physical therapy a stronger voice, and a visible presence, and position of influence on the global stage.

World Health Organization

WCPT has been in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1952, collaborating on work programmes to improve world health. It is consulted by WHO on many issues and works with various WHO teams, especially the WHO Disability and Rehabilitation Team. WCPT is actively involved in the WHO Functioning and Disability Reference Group, advising on functioning, disability and health classification issues such as the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

Humanity & Inclusion

WCPT worked in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion (HI) to implement the SUDA Project,focusing on the strengthening of physical therapy as a profession in Mali, Niger and Senegal. 

World Health Professions Alliance

WCPT joined the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA) in 2010. WHPA is an alliance of the International Council of Nurses, the International Pharmaceutical Federation, the World Dental Federation and the World Medical Association, representing more than 26 million health professionals worldwide. As part of WHPA, WCPT has urged action on counterfeit medical products and non communicable diseases, and has led work on collaborative practice.

Global Health Workforce Alliance

Together with the International Council of Nurses, the International Hospital Federation, the International Pharmaceutical Federation, the World Dental Federation, and the World Medical Association, WCPT has collaborated with the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) in a campaign to support the development of positive practice environments. GHWA is a partnership of national governments, civil society, international agencies, finance institutions, researchers, educators and professional associations.

Professional partners

WCPT partners with physical therapy organisations and projects which share its aim to advance evidence-based practice and raise standards through the provision of open access resources. Partners include PEDro, Physiopedia and

Commercial partners

WCPT develops partnerships with selected companies which share its values and aspirations, and wish to support WCPT’s projects.  There is an additional opportunity for commercial partners, every two years at the WCPT Congress, where a wide range of companies provide services and financial support to the event.