International Scientific Committee

The International Scientific Committee shaped the scientific programme for WCPT's 17th international congress, WCPT Congress 2015. The eight physical therapists who sat on WCPT’s International Scientific Committee (ISC) were responsible for developing an exciting, relevant and innovative scientific programme. The event brought the world of physical therapy together in Singapore, with a programme designed to showcase the best in physical therapy research and practice, and provided excellent opportunities for networking.

Aimée Stewart (South Africa)Chair

Aimée Stewart (South Africa)

Aimée brought a wealth of experience to her role as chair of the ISC.  In addition to being on a number of committees for both local conferences and WCPT Africa Congress, Aimée was also the WCPT Africa Region’s representative on the ISC for World Physical Therapy 2011, so is very familiar with what is required to organise this event.  Aimée is Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.  She has acted as an external examiner for universities in South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand. Her main research areas of interest are the management of chronic diseases including HIV/AIDS, as well as the roles of caregivers and families in rehabilitation.  She has over 85 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has made over 60 presentations at various congresses.  In 2011 she was awarded the South African Department of Science and Technology “Distinguished Women in Science” award.

Celia Tan (Singapore)Host organisation

Celia Tan (Singapore)

Celia is the Group Director of Allied Health and also the Director of the Postgraduate Allied Health Institute in SingHealth, where she provides the educational leadership to build a strong faculty and the much-needed postgraduate training for Allied Health professionals in Singapore.  She is currently Adjunct Associate Professor with Curtin University and Honorary Fellow with Melbourne University, Australia.  Celia is also an external examiner to the Physiotherapy School in University Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaysia, as well as Advisor to the physiotherapy schools in Cambodia and Laos, providing physiotherapy upgrade training and advice on current curriculum. Celia’s area of research interest is in rehabilitation and innovation. She currently holds five patents and numerous awards for innovative practice projects on rehabilitation assistive devices.

Charlotte Häger (Sweden)Europe

Charlotte Häger (Sweden)

Charlotte is a Professor at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Umeå University, Sweden.  She is a registered physiotherapist with her expertise in the field of neurology and musculoskeletal disorders, and her research focuses on motor control and movement analysis.  She has a clinical affiliation to the Orthopaedic Clinic of Norrlands University Hospital. Dr Häger received a PhD in neurophysiology in 1995.  She has been awarded for her research by the Queen Silvia of Sweden and also received a teaching award at Umeå University in 2001.  Charlotte has presented in every WCPT Congress since 1991 and has had extensive experience serving on national and international congress boards since 1989.  She has been a member of the European WCPT working group on Education Matters since 2004.

Rob Herbert (Australia)Asia Western Pacific

Rob Herbert (Australia)

Rob is NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, Senior Principal Research Fellow at Neuroscience Research Australia, and Professor in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales.  He is also a director of the Centre for Evidence Based Physiotherapy, which produces the PEDro database of randomised trials, systematic reviews and practice guidelines in physiotherapy.  His main areas of research are clinical trials, epidemiology and muscle physiology.  Rob has attended the last four WCPT congresses and been a member and chair of scientific committees for national conferences. Rob has co-authored a textbook on evidence based physiotherapy and has published many scientific papers and presented at numerous conference.

Jefferson Cardoso (Brazil)South America

Jefferson Cardoso (Brazil)

Jefferson is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physiotherapy of Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL).  He is the co-ordinator of the Physiotherapy Assessment and Intervention Research Group (PAIFIT) and his activities are concentrated at the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Clinical Epidemiology at the University Hospital of UEL.  He has been teaching Epidemiology/Biostatistics and Kinesiology EMG in the MSc programme in Rehabilitation at UEL/UNOPAR and MSc/PhD programme in Physical Education at UEL/UEM.  He is also involved in research activities and publication focusing on biomechanics, evidence based practice, Pilates and aquatic physiotherapy.  He is reviewer of the Cochrane Collaboration and has a productivity scholarship from CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development).  Jefferson has participated and presented papers at World Physical Therapy 2003 (Barcelona) and World Physical Therapy 2011 (Amsterdam).  In Amsterdam, one of the studies was awarded an outstanding abstract and presentation.

Dina Brooks (Canada)North America Caribbean

Dina Brooks (Canada)

Dina is a Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.  Her primary research interests are in the areas of pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiorespiratory physical therapy and respiratory physiology.  Her research experience has included varied models.  She is presently involved in several clinical trials on the effectiveness of different components and modes of delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation.  Dina’s research sites are in the Department of Respiratory Medicine at West Park Hospital, the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, and Toronto Rehab Institute.  She has published numerous studies and presented in her area of research.  Her degrees are from the University of Toronto.

Jonathan Quartey (Ghana)Africa

Jonathan Quartey (Ghana)

Jonathan is Lecturer at the Department of Physiotherapy, School of Allied Health Sciences, University of Ghana with expertise in sports, orthopaedics, and physiotherapy education.  He was local organising committee Chair for the 2010 WCPT Africa Congress held in Ghana and was instrumental in managing the online abstract system for the WCPT Africa 2012 Congress held in Kenya.  He has participated and presented at numerous scientific and continuing education programmes.  Jonathan has reviewed abstracts for international programmes (including the 2011 WCPT Congress), has six publications, is involved in five ongoing supported studies and serves on a number of Boards and Committees of the University.  He is the physiotherapist for the Ghana under-20 male national football team.  He is President of Ghana Physiotherapy Association and Vice President of the Africa Region of WCPT.  He is also a member of the Dutch Physiotherapy Association, South Africa Society of Physiotherapy and Zambia Society of Physiotherapy.

Ann VanSant (USA)WCPT subgroups

Ann VanSant (USA)

Ann is Professor Emeritus of Physical Therapy at Temple University.  Her research and teaching at Temple focused on lifespan development of motor behaviour, and movement patterns used to perform functional activities in both those with a variety of disabling conditions and those who are healthy.  She is Editor-in-Chief of Pediatric Physical Therapy.  Dr VanSant has held a variety of leadership positions in the Neurology, Research and Paediatric Sections of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and has been honoured with a Lucy Blair Service Award from the APTA and the Bud DeHaven Award from the Paediatric Section.  She is a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the APTA.