Membership status

The Indian Association of Physiotherapists was a member of WCPT from 1967 - March 2015.

March 2015

It is with regret that, at its recent meeting, the WCPT Executive Committee determined that the membership of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists has lapsed and that, in view of the fact that no subscriptions can be demanded and paid, the provisions of Article 12.5.2 apply and the membership is terminated by the Executive Committee.

The issues within IAP have been ongoing for four years with 2 separate groups maintaining that they are the rightful Indian Association of Physiotherapists. Court action attempting to clarify this situation has been ongoing over the four years. The WCPT Executive Committee action has been taken given the lack of information about the outcome of court proceedings and the failure of either group in India to advise on the position to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee in the absence of a final court judgment. The Executive Committee has no information about who the correct representatives of IAP are and cannot satisfy itself about the membership requirements set out in Article 12.1.  Whichever group is the correct one, if indeed any group is correct at present, it is unable to comply with Article 12.3.5 requiring that the names and address of the IAP Executive Committee members be sent to WCPT.

It is further the case that the membership subscription has not been paid for several years. WCPT has not sent an invoice as it is not known to whom to send it. Sending an invoice to anyone puts WCPT in the middle of a dispute that cannot be resolved other than by a final court determination.

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