Disaster management

Physical therapists have a significant role in helping those affected by natural disasters, pandemics and other major emergencies. WCPT is committed to promoting the engagement of physical therapists when disasters strike, and to providing member organisations and individuals with information to guide, prepare and support them.

It aims to ensure that physical therapists are engaged at an organisational level so that they can provide services to affected individuals and communities, save lives and improve outcomes for survivors.

These pages provide information for organisations and individuals involved or interested in disaster management.

WCPT policy and resources on disaster management

WCPT has a policy statement on disaster management and has produced other resources for physical therapists.

What is disaster management?

The different types of disaster, and the need to address disaster management.

How physical therapists can contribute

Physical therapists can contribute to disaster management before, during and after a disaster.

How physical therapy organisations can contribute

National PT organisations can work to prevent and prepare for disasters and then contribute to relief efforts when disasters strike.

Opportunities for work in disaster management

Calls for physical therapists from international agencies.

Advice for volunteers

What should you consider before volunteering, how can you prepare once you have volunteered, and what can you do in a disaster zone?

Organisations involved in disaster management

International, national and local organisations all have a distinct role to play.

Resources in disaster management

Resources from outside WCPT on disaster prevention, preparedness, relief and recovery.

Glossary of terms in disaster management

Terms commonly used internationally with reference to disaster management.

Health Care in Danger: the right to health care during armed conflict

WCPT supports the International Committee of the Red Cross' Health Care in Danger initiative.