Global health issues resources

WCPT raises the profile of global health issues and provides physical therapists with a range of materals, contacts and networking opportunities to develop practice and policy.

Physical activity and health

This information resource will help physical therapists inform others about their role and the health benefits they bring wherever they work.

Non-communicable diseases

With increasing global recognition of physical therapists' role in preventing and treating non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, WCPT has compiled resource sheets to help inform others about the contribution of physical therapists.

Disability and function

Physical therapists work with people and populations to optimise function and minimise disability. WCPT provides access to a range of disability resources, including important publications from the World Health Organization.

Community-based rehabilitation

WCPT is committed to the development of primary health care and community-based rehabilitation. It provides information, policy statements, databases and access to publications and organisations.

Health and safety

As well as producing a policy statement on occupational health of physical therapists, WCPT provides useful links and resources to assist with the implementation of policy.

Patient safety

Information on programmes and resources from the World Health Organization.

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

The ICF is a framework and classification system for use in describing functioning and disability in relation to a health condition. You can find resources here, along with detailed information about ICF applications.

Disaster management

Physical therapists have a significant role to play in helping those affected by disasters. There is information here about types of disasters, disaster management, roles in disaster management and the contribution of physical therapists.


This information is intended to assist physical therapists who want to know more and to inform others about the condition and the benefits of physical therapy.

Violence and injury prevention

Access the World Health Organization's publications on violence and injury prevention, information on recent international conferences and WCPT's stance on armed violence and weapons of war.

Working and studying in another country

Information for physical therapists who are interested in volunteering, working, studying or carrying out research outside their own country.

World health days and initiatives

A listing of some of the events, days and initiatives designed to raises the profile of a range of health issues and conditions, and improve prevention and treatment.