World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Glossary

The glossary terms have been updated following a review of all policy statements and will be updated on our new website.

The WCPT Glossary has been developed to support WCPT’s work on policies, guidelines and other resources (eg database of experts, common data set), to ensure consistency in terminology and to aid international interpretation. It has also been developed as a resource for member organisations, regions and subgroups to use. WCPT is encouraging the use of the international terms where applicable but also recognises that not all terms are relevant at a national level. The glossary is not a policy document on its own, but terms are added to WCPT's policy statements.

Terms have been fully referenced to original sources. Where terms have been developed by WCPT they should be referenced to the WCPT Glossary:

World Confederation for Physical Therapy. WCPT Glossary: Terms used in WCPT’s policies and resources. London, UK: WCPT; 2017.

The glossary is not intended to be an exhaustive A-Z of terms used in physical therapy.

Updates: periodic reviews of the glossary will take place. Member organisations, regions and subgroups can suggest amendments and terms for inclusion in the glossary where they are internationally applicable and enhance understanding and implementation of WCPT’s resources. The most up to date term will always be that on the web-based version of the glossary. This version has been produced following the re-approval of all WCPT’s policy statements at the 2015 WCPT General Meeting.
Acknowledgement: WCPT gratefully acknowledges previous glossary work undertaken in the European Region of WCPT (ER-WCPT). Terms from the ER-WCPT glossary, where internationally relevant, have been integrated into this glossary. European specific terms and explanatory notes to some of the glossary terms contained here are included in an annex from the ER-WCPT.