WCPT guideline for the clinical education component of physical therapist professional entry level education

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Clinical education is recognised as an essential element of the physical therapist professional entry level education programme. It is the delivery, assessment and evaluation of learning experiences in practice settings.

All physical therapists have a professional obligation to support quality clinical education for physical therapist students. This guideline has been developed for the use of WCPT member organisations focussed on the delivery of high quality clinical education experiences. Recognising that the clinical education component varies around the world, this guideline sets out the issues to be considered in developing clinical education opportunities for student physical therapists.

It is anticipated that different countries will use the guideline to varying extents dependent on their needs. Individual WCPT member organisations and programme developers may modify and interpret the guideline within the context of their situation, while aiming to maintain the quality clinical education opportunities the guideline is designed to facilitate.

Other policies and guidelines intended to assist in the delivery of education policy include: