WCPT Network for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD)

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WCPT Network for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD)

Welcome to the international network focused on physical therapists working with patients with intellectual and developmental disability. We are interested in becoming a forum and network for physical therapists interested in all aspects of intellectual and developmental disability or cognitive impairments across the lifespan.

The broad aims of this network are to:

  1. Facilitate communication about health issues and management of people with intellectual and developmental disability or cognitive impairment;
  2. Encourage exchange of information and ideas about best practices in health and wellness management for this population;
  3. Foster collaborative research;
  4. Provide support to countries regarding initiatives and policy for those with intellectual and developmental disability;
  5. Develop literacy appropriate educational materials for this population;
  6. Increase awareness of worldwide issues in intellectual and developmental disability.

Members are encouraged to meet and communicate with other members at the Networking Session at each WCPT Congress.

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Supported by:

The network supporter, Special Olympics FUNfitness (FF), is a core component of Special Olympics Healthy Athletes®, a programme that addresses ongoing health needs of Special Olympics athletes.  FunFitness was developed by the American Physical Therapy Association and premiered at the Special Olympics Winter World Games in 2001.  Seminars train physical therapists from around the world in the development of the event in their countries.  FUNfitness events are now conducted in 48 United States, 5 Canadian provinces, 6 Caribbean countries, and 65 other countries.


FUNfitness is a physical therapy fitness screening designed to:

  • identify participant fitness needs;
  • help participants improve flexibility, functional strength, balance and aerobic conditioning;
  • educate participants, families and coaches about the importance of each component in overall fitness;
  • provide an opportunity for participants to learn appropriate exercises from physical therapists, and to be referred to community services as needed.

Membership of the WCPT Network for IDD is open to physical therapists working with or interested in working with people with intellectual disability who belong to a WCPT member organisation.  Membership is free.  You can apply for membership by sending an email with your name, country, WCPT member organisation you belong to, professional background and field of expertise to [email protected].  Through your membership you will be linked with colleagues who share the same background and interests, in your own country and abroad.

Additionally, you are always welcome to attend a FUNfitness screening in or near your country. We are always interested in training physical therapists as FUNfitness Clinical Directors for their country or state.

For questions or to send correspondence, please contact Donna Bainbridge, Global Advisor for FUNfitness & Fitness Programming [email protected], (1) 406 370 4563.