Documents & resources


The IOPTWH constitution contains details of all aspects of the Organization including structure and objectives, plus information on membership, the executive committee and meetings.


At the WCPT Congress in Cape Town IOPTWH hosted a very popular networking session with facilitated discussion about a range of current and relevant topics: pelvic physiotherapy with children and men; social media; postgraduate education; and the challenges in different countries.


In 2008 the IOPTWH secretary undertook an email survey of its membership, to gain an overview of pelvic floor muscle physiotherapy services in different countries. A report of a more recent survey will be added in due course.

Strategic plan

The Organization’s strategic plan was last reviewed by the executive committee in April/May 2015.

Scope of practice

The IOPTWH Scope of Practice offers an overview of the breadth of the specialty, recognising that practice varies from country to country, so that it will not all be relevant to everyone.

Women's health curriculum in entry-level physiotherapy/physical therapy training

This position statement presents the Organization’s stance on women’s health content in entry-level physiotherapy education, and is offered as a tool for use within member and non-member countries alike as a guide for curriculum planning and development.

Female genital mutilation (FGM)

This position statement on female genital mutiliation denounces the practice of FGM, and adds IOPTWH’s name to the efforts to combat it worldwide. It was presented to the general meeting of WCPT at their 2007 meeting in Vancouver, where it was unanimously endorsed, resulting in the Confederation’s policy statement on FGM.

Privacy statement NEW!

This IOPTWH privacy statement was published in May 2018 and will be reviewed annually, or more frequently if required.

Policy for use of IOPTWH logo and name

The Organization’s logo and name are the property of the Organization (IOPTWH) an official subgroup of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. The logo and name can be used only as designated and approved by the Executive Committee (EC) of the Organization.

The Organization’s EC, Standing Committees, appointed groups and staff can use the logo and stationery when conducting business for the Organization.

These groups may affix or imprint the Organization’s name or logo on to stationery, publications, documents and other materials produced by the appointed group. Provided that:

  1. Any such use of the Organization’s name is approved by the EC and
  2. A copy or sample of any such material for use in public relations or public information is sent to the EC for informational purposes.

Member organizations may display the Organization logo in official advertisements and materials provided that:

  1. The logo is imprinted or affixed adjacent to a statement of the member organization’s relationship to the Organization (e.g., “A member of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women’s Health”) and
  2. Any such use of the logo is limited to materials distributed or promoted by the member country organization, not individual members of that member country.

The elements of the logo may not be altered in any way. The spacing and size relationships among the elements must be maintained. Do not attempt to redraw the logo. Always use the logo supplied by the IOPTWH secretary.

Course listing policy

  1. IOPTWH sponsored conferences, courses, and meetings will be announced throughout the web and newsletter. Announcements may include web link to registration site and course outline / objectives.
  2. Courses or meetings sponsored by member organization sections will be listed in the newsletter and on the web with the following information: title, speaker, date, location, and contact information.  There will be no charge for this listing.
  3. Courses or meetings sponsored by non-profit groups and government agencies will (at the discretion of the chair of publications) be listed in the newsletter and on the web with the following information: title, speaker, date, location, and contact information.  There will be no charge for this listing.
  4. Courses or meetings sponsored by for profit groups or any other type of group not listed above will (at the discretion of the chair of publications, newsletter editor and IOPTWH executive) have the option of placing a web ad or a paid course announcement in the news and events section of the web including: title, speaker, date, location, and contact information for a price of £20 per month or £50 for 3 months. Payment must be in pounds Sterling (current conversion rate available at Further details from Gill Brook.