Application for membership

For enquiries and submission of application, email to

Current Members (Founding Members)
Argentina ( Norway
Cambodia Singapore
Hong Kong ( Taiwan
Korea United Kingdom
Lithuania United States of America

Membership categories


Members must be the WCPT member organization or groups recognised by the WCPT member organization. Members of the groups must also be members of the WCPT member organization. Only one organization per country shall be eligible for membership.

Member elect

An organization that meets the requirements for membership and awaiting confirmation of member status at the Society‘s general meeting.

Associate member

  • Individual physical therapists who are members of a WCPT member organization that do not have a special interest group eligible for membership of the Society.
  • Researchers and other professional users of EPA (such as Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists and Athletic Trainers, etc.).

Assistant member

Assistant members are physical therapist assistants, recognized by the WCPT member organization.

Student member

Student members are physical therapist students (undergraduate and postgraduate) undergoing courses at institutions recognised by the WCPT member organization.

Corporate member

Corporate members are manufacturers and institutions with a direct or indirect interest in the area of EPA.

Special member

Special membership is an honorary category and is reserved for individuals rendering valuable service to EPA internationally. Special membership may be conferred at the Society's General Meeting.