Executive committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 Board members elected from within the organizations that are members of Society and are accountable to the General Meeting.

The business of the Society shall be conducted through the general meeting, Executive Committee and the Society member organizations.

Founding members of ISEAPT

President: Ah-Cheng GOH (Japan)   photo 5th from right / Vice-President: David BAXTER (New Zealand)   photo 4th from left / Treasurer: Meryl GERSH (USA)   photo 5th from left / Secretary: Andrew STARSKY (USA)   photo 6th from right / Board Members: Giovanni De Domenico (USA) photo 1st from right / Tim Watson (United Kingdom) photo 2nd from left / Ethne Nussbaum (Canada) photo 3rd  from left / Jan Bjordal (Norway) photo 1st from left / Liisa Laakso (Australia) photo 4th from right

Present committee (2015-2019)

President: Tim Watson (United Kingdom)

Vice-President: Liisa Laakso (Australia/Singapore)

Secretary: Hsiao Shih-Fen (Taiwan)

Treasurer: Priscilla Poon (Hong Kong)

Board Members:

Oscar Ronzio (Argentina)

Jennifer Liaw (Singapore)

Jae Hyoung Lee (South Korea)

Carol Vance (United States of America)

Hirobumi Kawamura (Japan)