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Webinar 2016 - Medline journal selection

August 2016

Around 10% of ISPJE member journals are Medline listed. Many more are in the process of applying to be Medline-listed or are interested in doing so. There are many advantages of being listed on Medline. For example, this increases the profile of a journal and a journal can only general impact factor once it is listed.

This year the ISPJE is hosting a webinar on Medline journal selection which is of interest of many of our members.

  • Speaker: Rebecca Stanger, Journal Publisher Liaison, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Date and time: Wednesday September 21, 2016, 1-2pm GMT

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP your attendance to the secretary ( by COB Friday 26 Aug GMT.

ISPJE session at WCPT Congress 2015

April 2015

Presentation by Dr David Tovey, Editor in Chief of The Cochrane Library

Dr David Tovey, Editor in Chief of The Cochrane Library will speak at the ISPJE session.

David has extensive experience in journal editing. He has been the Editor in Chief of The Cochrane Library since 2009 and previous to that was part of the editorial team of the BMJ group. David will speak about broadening the reach of a journal publication to the scientific and lay audience. The Cochrane Library has many initiatives on this front, including lay summaries, Cochrane clinical answers, podcasts and a YouTube channel.

David will speak for 20 min via a video, then be available live via the internet for a 10-min questions and answers session. This part of the ISPJE will be open to all WCPT attendees so please feel free to pass the session details on to colleagues who may be interested.

Closed session to ISPJE members

David’s talk will be followed by a closed session to ISPJE members. During this part of the session, Leo will briefly present ISPJE’s activities over the last 4 years, then voting for the new chair and secretary will take place. After the voting, if the newly elected chair is present at the meeting, we will ask him/her to share his vision of the society, and invite members to discuss and set priorities for the society for the next 4 years. If the chair is unable to be at WCPT 2015, we will have just have the open discussion among members.

Nominations for ISPJE Chair and Secretary positions

March 2015

Are you passionate about raising the standards of physiotherapy journals and publications? Nominations are now open for the chair and secretary positions of the ISPJE. Nominees will need to be members of the ISPJE and submit a 100-word biography and a 1-page CV to summarise your experience, particularly in your publication track record and journal editing/peer review experience.

If you are nominating for the chair position, please also submit a paragraph, up to 100 words, summarising your vision for the society over the next 4 years. ISPJE will hold a meeting at the WCPT 2015, on Sat 2 May from 4-5:30pm Singapore time. Our plan is to conduct the voting for chair and secretary during the meeting and invite the successful chair to speak to and discuss with ISPJE members on future ISPJE activities, goals or priorities.

Self-nominations are accepted. If you are nominating a colleague, please also provide evidence that the nominee has agreed to the nomination.

Please submit nominations to Dr Christine Lin: by Friday 10 April (GMT). Voting will occur at the ISPJE meeting at WCPT Congress 2015. Proxy votes will also be accepted. For details please refer to the ISPJE constitution (/ispje/governance).

Sign up for the AllTrials campaign and calling for nominations for chair and secretary

December 2014

The AllTrials campaign started in January 2013 and calls for all clinical trials to be registered and their results reported. Notable founding members include BMJ, Cochrane Collaboration, James Lind Initiative. The WCPT is also an organisational supporter ( It is a campaign that is gaining momentum. You may also wish to sign up your organisation or journal to the campaign.

The ISPJE will hold a meeting at the WCPT Congress 2015 in which members will vote for a new chair and secretary. Nominations for the posts will open early 2015. If you are interested in contributing to ISPJE, please consider volunteering yourself! More information will follow.

How do physiotherapy journals compare to medical journals on trial registration?

October 2013

There has been another recent article in the BMJ on the topic of trial registration, this time on medical journals’ policies and their editors’ and publishers’ views on trial registration (Wager et al BMJ 2013;347:f5248). There is even a video from the lead author explaining the study and findings. As a fellow editor, we hope you find it interesting!

The study found that 28% of a random sample of 200 medical journals required trial registration. Among physiotherapy journals, as far as the ISPJE is aware, currently 5 journals have enacted the policy of prospective registration. To know more about it, you can read the response Leo and I wrote to the study by Wager et al

Clinical trial registration and research transparency

August 2013

In September 2012 the ISPJE ran a webinar promoting mandatory prospective clinical trial registration among physiotherapy journals. An important aim of prospective trial registration is to improve transparency in research. The webinar was followed by publication of a joint editorial in 13 physiotherapy journals, with the editors from these journals pledging to implement mandatory prospective trial registration.

The international research community has been equally keen on the issue to trial registration and transparency. An online petition was organised to promote mandatory prospective trial registration and publication of all research results to governments, regulators and research bodies ( Many ISPJE members have signed the petition. The ISPJE and WCPT have also signed on behalf of physiotherapy journal editors and the physiotherapy profession.

A recent editorial has been published by the BMJ illustrating the importance of research transparency. As a member of the ISPJE, you may be interested in this: