How to become a member

Any association wishing to become a member of WCPT must obtain an application form from WCPT and submit it with the following documents in English:

  • the association's constitution/articles
  • the association's code of ethics
  • a list of approved schools of physiotherapy in the country with qualifications and the number of students that qualify each year.  If there are no schools of physiotherapy in the country, schools outside the country that are approved by the association should be listed, along with the qualification (ie diploma, university degree) necessary for membership in the association
  • the national curriculum or the curriculum approved by the association for full membership status
  • a list of projects and activities completed by the association during the past year and plans for the next year
  • details of the major issues currently facing the association and the profession in its country
  • recent issues of the association's publications in the language in which they are published.

Confirmation of membership

Membership of WCPT is granted at the WCPT General Meeting held every four years. In the years between general meetings, the WCPT Executive Board reviews applications and may grant provisional membership.


If you would like to discuss membership of WCPT, please send your name, position, association and address (including country) to [email protected]

Please note: individual physical therapists are not eligible for membership of WCPT.