Rights and duties of WCPT member organisations

Rights of WCPT member organisations

Member organisations of WCPT may:

  • participate in the activities of the WCPT in accordance with the constitution;
  • exercise any power or function that the constitution or the Act requires to be exercised or implemented by the member organisations;
  • participate in policy development by making suggestions at General Meetings and to the Board and Chief Executive Officer at any time;
  • attend, present proposals, speak, and vote at General Meetings in accordance with the constitution;
  • request advocacy and other practical support from the WCPT to assist efforts to improve the situation of physical therapists in its country;
  • participate in the establishment of subgroups in accordance with the constitution; and
  • apply for assistance from the WCPT's funds in accordance with the Regulations.

Duties of WCPT member organisations

To be and remain in good standing, member organisations must:

  • comply with and observe the constitution and any resolution passed by the member organisations or determination made by the Board under the constitution;
  • comply with all Regulations and procedures which may be created, amended or replaced in accordance with the constitution;
  • pay to the WCPT any annual membership subscriptions in accordance with the constitution;
  • send to the Chief Executive Officer a copy of all amendments to its governing documents and codes of ethics when requested and within 180 calendar days beginning with the date any such amendments are decided;
  • send to the Chief Executive Officer, when requested and within 30 calendar days of any change, the name and contact details of the head of the governing body;
  • inform the Chief Executive Officer about national events and developments relevant to physical therapy on a regular basis and when requested;
  • provide any reports and information requested by the Chief Executive Officer or Board;
  • exercise its powers as a member of the WCPT in the way it decides in good faith will further the Objects of the WCPT; and
  • promote the Objects and work of the WCPT; and
  • submit to the laws of England in respect of any disputes between a member organisation and the WCPT.