Rights and duties of WCPT member organisations

Rights of WCPT member organisations

Member organisations of WCPT may:

  • participate in the affairs of WCPT in accordance with the articles
  • participate in policy development by making suggestions to the Executive Board and general meetings
  • present proposals, speak, and vote at general meetings
  • request support in their efforts to improve the situation of physical therapists nationally
  • vote by proxy if not in attendance at the General Meeting.  This does not substitute for the requirement for member organisations to send a voting delegate to at least one out of two general meetings
  • participate in the formation of subgroups
  • apply for assistance from WCPT funds

Duties of WCPT member organisations

To be and remain in good standing, member organisations shall:

  • comply with the WCPT Articles of Association and policies
  • pay subscriptions in accordance with the WCPT Articles of Association. In 2017, the membership subscription is £1.53 per member of the organisation.
  • send a voting delegate to at least one out of two consecutive general meetings
  • send WCPT a copy of all amendments to their articles and code of ethics within six months of the adoption of these amendments
  • send names and addresses of their executive committee members to WCPT
  • inform WCPT of national events and developments of interest to WCPT
  • report to WCPT as and when requested
  • promote the objectives and work of WCPT