North America Caribbean Region of WCPT

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* Please contact the region for details of organisations that are active members of the region

Contact details

American Physical Therapy Association
Attn: Emilio Rouco (NACR Secretariat)
1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Work telephone
(1) 703 706 3186

About the region

The region now has 14 member organisations and has a programme to outreach to other potential WCPT members.

The region has published documents establishing physical therapists as the profession of choice to help people exercise throughout their lives, and has placed an emphasis on continuing education with a series of courses on clinical issues during the regional meetings.  It is also addressing the free movement of physical therapists between countries under the free trade agreement for the Caribbean community (CARICOM).

Coming up

For information about regional meetings contact Emilio Rouco at [email protected]

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