Participants at the World Transplant Games 2019. Photo credit: Richard Hall

Call for abstracts for first global transplant sport conference

The first international transplant sport research conference is due to take place on 10 November 2019, and the organisers are calling for abstract submissions and transplant athletes’ videos.

This inaugural conference focuses on transplant athletes and is hosted by the Society of Sports Therapists in collaboration with Coventry University. The conference aims to:

  • promote research relating to transplant athletes
  • contribute to the evidence base of transplant sport
  • promote the contribution of sport and exercise therapists supporting Transplant Sport.

The overall objective is to provide a platform to identify areas for development of training and performance guidelines for transplant athletes. 

Ann Green, Head of School of Life Sciences at Coventry University said: ‘We are proud to host this conference, which will showcase world class research in Transplant Sport in collaboration with researchers, academics, athletes and therapists. As an individual, each of us can join the Organ Donor Register and together we can ensure this exceptional population live their lives and become the best they can be.’

Keynote speakers include: Sir Maurice Slapak, transplant surgeon and founder of the Transplant Games, and Dr. Tania Janaudis-Ferreira, School of Occupational and Physical Therapy, McGill University, Canada.

To submit an abstract

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