Dot physio: the new domain name for physical therapists is launched

A new domain name extension for the world’s physical therapists was launched on 1st September. The extension is .physio, and works in the same way as .com and .org extensions to website domain names.

Physical therapists have already been able to request their own preferred .physio domain names via the registry website and from the beginning of this month domain names are available and the registry process can begin. Dot physio is one of a series of new website name types now being launched for professions around the world. Others include: .doctor .lawyer .engineer .architect and .dentist.

Australian physiotherapist Glenn Ruscoe is Managing Director of the registry operator Phys Biz Pty Ltd. He believes .physio will “unite, rally and promote the profession to a global audience while providing internet users with enhanced security and safety of health information”. 

He became aware of the opportunity for new top level domains in 2011 when the regulator announced an opening up of the global domain name system – he was attending the WCPT Congress in Amsterdam at the time. Being a private practitioner, he saw the value of a profession-specific domain name to his own practice. 

“A .physio domain name allows physical therapists to connect their own brand with their profession, providing instant professional recognition and credibility,” he says.  “I believe that .physio provides the opportunity for physical therapists to secure short, memorable and relevant domain names that may become appreciating assets.”

The eligibility policy of .physio limits registration to people who are members of a WCPT member organisation, so students, assistants, educators and retired practitioners may be eligible as well as practising physical therapists. Organisations wanting to register a .physio domain name must clearly “support, promote, service or supply” the physical therapy profession.

WCPT provided support to the .physio domain name application process. “Profession-specific domain names are now a reality and it is important that the profession is aware of this," said Brenda Myers, WCPT Secretary General. “WCPT has a role in getting the word out – it will be up to individuals and organisations to assess .physio from their perspective and decide the approach they will take.  We do know that physical therapists who hear about .physio do generally feel good about the opportunity.”  

While .physio domain names are available from 1st September, opportunities for registration will occur in a staged, priority process. According to Glenn Ruscoe, knowing when to make a registration will increase the likelihood of getting the .physio domain name you prefer. Details are available at

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