The WCPT Board discussed the draft strategic plan at their February meeting,

New plan for WCPT charts path to a stronger international community

A new WCPT strategic plan looks ahead to the Confederation developing a stronger global community of physical therapists, building influence for the Confederation and the profession, and supporting the profession with increased knowledge-sharing.

The draft plan, released for consultation with WCPT constituents this week, says that the Confederation aims to be an exemplar organisation: flexible, outward-looking, egalitarian, creative, communicative, professional.
It sets down five overarching outcomes, breaking them down into what can be achieved in the next year, three years and four years and beyond. A draft plan focusing on outcomes, and a full draft plan including activities to be considered as part of the forthcoming business plan, are this week being sent to WCPT member organisations, regions, subgroups and networks. They are being asked to give responses via an online survey. 
Emma Stokes, WCPT President, said that the draft plan had been shaped by the hundreds of responses and ideas that WCPT has received as part of its WCPT Look Forward Together consultation.
“So many people have engaged, from all across the world. It gives great legitimacy to the version of the strategic plan that we have now.”
“Now we really want our constituents to respond to the new survey, giving their feedback on the plan. If we don’t get responses, we have no sense whether we’ve got it right or not – and it is important that we get it right.”
Once finalised, the WCPT Strategic Plan will be used to inform the Confederation’s business plan. “So we need the responses to move from looking forward together to moving forward together,” said Emma Stokes.
The draft plan with outcomes and the online survey are also available in French and Spanish. “WCPT stakeholders may also want to consult the long version of the plan, to gain an idea of the kinds of activities that WCPT will be considering to achieve the outcomes,” said WCPT Secretary General Brenda Myers.
In videos promoting the new consultation (see below), Board members Gabriela Mallma and Esther Munalula Nkandu encourage responses from Spanish and French speaking areas of the world.
“It is important that WCPT member organisations and regions respond,” said Gabriela Mallma, urging her South America colleagues in particular to participate.