Sarah Bazin of WCPT signs the memorandum with Jacques de Haller of the CPME

WCPT's European Region signs a historic agreement with doctors' organisation

WCPT’s European Region has signed a ground-breaking agreement with a key European doctors’ organisation, to cooperate and campaign together on matters of mutual interest. 

The region’s Chair, Sarah Bazin, and the President of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) Jacques de Haller, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in January. This aims to increase collaboration on areas of mutual concern, such as professional regulation, quality of education and training, safeguarding patients’ rights and confidentiality, and ensuring the sustainability of health care systems.
In the document, the two organisations commit to working in partnership and co-operation on four areas: patients’ rights, professional practice, health care, and education and continuing professional development. “ER-WCPT and CPME affirm their commitment to working towards high quality health and healthcare for every patient in Europe,” says the Memorandum.
Sarah Bazin said: “One of the key areas of the agreement is that both partners are calling for the establishment and maintenance of regulatory frameworks which support self-regulation and allow for professional autonomy, balanced by professional responsibility. European physiotherapists and doctors look forward to their future collaboration.”