The WCPT Executive Board pictured with Secretary General Brenda Myers at the meeting in London

WCPT's new Executive Board gets to work

WCPT’s new Executive Board met for the first time in June, just eight weeks after their election at the WCPT General Meeting in Singapore. As well as getting down to business – establishing a finance committee and deciding to set up a membership committee – the board set the groundwork for working together in the future. 

WCPT President Emma Stokes said all the talents of the board members needed to be utilised. “It was important to spend a bit of time understanding our skills and how we are going to work together. That’s what makes good boards very good boards and that’s very important for the organisation.”
Board member Melissa Locke, from the Asia Western Pacific Region, was appointed Honorary Treasurer and Chair of the new finance committee, with fellow board member Esther Munalula Nkandu from the Africa Region also on the committee. The board also agreed to begin the strategic planning process with the aim of producing a draft plan by the end of this year.
“It’s important to harness the expertise we have available and use it appropriately,” said Brenda Myers, WCPT Secretary General. “This meeting was about setting a style and culture which will ensure we all work together effectively as we move forward.”
But there were one or two surprises for the new board members, as they met at WCPT’s London headquarters for the first time. A presentation by Brenda Myers about WCPT's history revealed unexpected perspectives to modern challenges. 
And Melissa Locke said she hadn't realised before that WCPT operated from a building with other charities, paying a reasonable rent compared to market rates. "I think that's great," she said. 
Esther Munalula Nkandu was surprised to see how small the office and Secretariat team was: “There are just a few people in the office and many are part-time. It says a lot about the work ethic, and the commitment of the team to see WCPT succeed.”
View videos of the WCPT President and Executive Members talking about the meeting below.