Martin Hey of the WCPT Physical Therapy Pain Network, speaking at the International Conference on Pain and Physiotherapy

Joint pain is the theme of 2016

2016 is the Global Year Against Pain in the Joints – a year-long awareness campaign coordinated by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) raising awareness of conditions affecting millions of people worldwide. Joint pain has also been chosen as the theme for the European Year Against Pain 2016, organised by the European Pain Federation (EFIC).

The IASP, which has more than 7,000 members from all professions involved in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of pain, will focus its campaign on education for health-care professionals and government leaders. 

The campaign’s goals are to: 
  • disseminate information on joint pain to patients and health-care providers; 
  • connect pain researchers to health professionals who witness the problems associated with joint pain first-hand 
  • increase awareness of joint pain among government officials, the news media, the public, and patient organisations worldwide 
  • encourage government leaders, research institutions, and other individuals and organisations to support research.

Martin Hey, Lead for the WCPT Physical Therapy Pain Network, said the year offered an opportunity to raise the profile of the good work physical therapists do in this area – from both a clinical and an academic perspective. 

“It will also offer up resources physiotherapists may find useful in managing patients with joint pain,” he said.

“Perhaps key is whether this initiative can be the springboard to longer-lasting attention for this particular type of pain, given that demographics suggest it will be an unfortunate and unwelcome growth area for our input in the years to come.”

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