WCPT Look Forward Together: global reach widens

Nearly 700 people have responded to WCPT’s third poll as part of its strategic plan consultation – and the Confederation is encouraging new contributions as more translations of the poll questions become available.

The latest online poll in WCPT Look Forward Together consultation – asking about WCPT priorities for 2016-2021 – includes French and Spanish translations. And France has so far produced the leading number of respondents in this poll.   
Now three new translations of the poll 3 questions, in Arabic, Japanese and Turkish, are available for download. These are for use alongside the online poll.
“We’re very grateful to our colleagues who have volunteered to produce these translations,” said WCPT President Emma Stokes. “It all helps people around the globe access our polls, and have a say in how WCPT’s work develops in the coming years. I do urge everyone to complete the poll if they can.”
So far, most responses have come from the Europe region (48%), followed by Asia Western Pacific (23%) and North America Caribbean (17%). Most respondents have qualified for more than 21 years (39%), followed by those who have qualified for 0-5 years (18%)

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