The association from Saint Lucia is welcomed

Physical therapy's global family grows

Nine new member organisations were admitted to the World Confederation for Physical Therapy at its General Meeting in Singapore – bringing the total number of members to 111. 

The new members are the physical therapy associations from Albania, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Mongolia, Montenegro, Niger, Saint Lucia and Togo. 
Seven of the new members were ceremonially welcomed at the General Meeting, parading their flags and being officially received by the WCPT President. Two of the new member organisations – from Albania and Montenegro – were unable to attend the General Meeting.
Bayartai Munkh-Erdene, Head of the Mongolian Physical Therapy Association, said: "The profession is very new in Mongolia. We have a three-year Bachelor's Degree and our first students graduated in 2011. We now have 62 physical therapists working in Mongolian hospitals."
"Being a WCPT member is very important to us - it will help the profession develop and indirectly help the population of Mongolia. We will have the opportunity to improve international relations and learn from other physical therapists globally about research, education and clinical education. Our relations with WCPT will help us have more input on the legal environment physical therapists work in. Currently, the job descriptions for all physical therapists are drawn up by the Ministry of Health."
He said that the information available on the WCPT website had proved an invaluable resource for the development of the profession in his country.
Joseph Martial H. from the Association Beninoise des Kinesitherapeutes-Reeducateurs said it was important to his association that WCPT was a solid organisation and represented the profession all around the world. "We want to be part of WCPT because it will help support us every time we want to give an opinion about our profession," he said.
All member organisations have the right to be represented at the General Meeting, which is held every four years. This year, a total of 75 member organisations were represented at the meeting, where the President and Vice President are elected, policies adopted, and strategic priorities for the next four years determined.
View below our short videos (also available on WCPT's YouTube channel) of the new members and events at the General Meeting.