Information and resources about COVID-19

This page includes information and resources about COVID-19. It has not been possible for WCPT to quality assure the information provided.

Each country/territory will have its own response to COVID-19. Please defer to information from your national physiotherapy association, government, or infection control body. If you do not have these organisations or structures in your country/territory, please defer to WHO guidelines.

If your national physiotherapy association does not have technical guidance about infection prevention and control, please defer to the WHO guidance.

If you are considering how to practice, please refer to the joint WCPT and INPTRA report into digital physical therapy practice.

This page will be updated regularly. Please email any additional information or resources to be included to

Practice-based resources for physiotherapists


An international team of expert researchers and clinicians in the intensive care and acute cardiorespiratory fields have produced guidelines, endorsed by WCPT and others, for Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting. The Journal of Physiotherapy has now published this paper online.

Guidelines available in:

Simplified Chinese: COVID-19

Croatian/Bosnian: Fizioterapijski management za COVID-19 u akutnom bolničkom smještaju

Dutch: Fysiotherapie management van COVID-19

French: Physiothérapie et COVID-19

German: Physiotherapie Management für COVID-19 im Akutkrankenhaus

Japanese: COVID-19

Portuguese: Manejo fisioterapêutico para COVID revisado

Spanish: Fisioterapia en el manejo del paciente COVID19 en fase aguda hospitalaria

Thai: COVID-19


The International Association of Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP) are collating Resources for exercise and physical activity

Education and professional development

Physiopedia has produced four free courses covering COVID-19, infection prevention and control, the role of physiotherapy and respiratory management of people with COVID-19. Physiopedia free online programme of COVID-19 courses

To support universities, Physiopedia is providing 30 days free access to Physioplus

The WCPT network for physiotherapy educators Facebook group is an important platform for resources to support many of the changes happening for educators arising from COVID-19, including developments in online education and assessment.

Digital physical therapy practice and telehealth

WCPT has published a joint report, with INPTRA, on digital physical therapy practice to help physiotherapists work effectively and appropriately online. The report is also available in Spanish: Reporte del grupo de trabajo de la WCPT/INPTRA sobre practica digital en fisioterapia.

Telehealth Toolbox has produced a guide on How to use telehealth to care for your patients during COVID-19

Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine, University of Melbourne, has produced Free on-line training for physiotherapists in telehealth delivery of evidence-based knee osteoarthritis care

Information and resources from WCPT member organisations

While these materials have been produced for members in their country the resources may be useful to others, but should be reviewed for national relevance and applicability.

Australian Physiotherapy Association offering resources on advocacy, infection prevention and control, telehealth and business continuity. Coronavirus (COVID-19) – what you need to know

Axxon, Physical Therapy in Belgium offering resources in Dutch and French

Canadian Physiotherapy Association resources for advocacy, telehealth, and webinar series CPA COVID-19 resource centre 

Colombian Association of Physiotherapy information and resources for physiotherapists and the general public Estrategias y lineamientos técnicos sobre el Covid-19 

Union of Physiotherapists of the Czech Republic resource area covering local advice for members Information about the situation with COVID-19 for physiotherapists

French National Council of Physiotherapists resource area covering practice advice, working conditions and digital tools 

German Association for Physiotherapy advice for members on infection prevention, working conditions and financial support. Current information for physiotherapy practices around coronavirus

Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists resources for practice, infection prevention, telehealth and national direction. Member update: COVID-19

Italian Association of Physiotherapists  guidance for practice developed with the Italian Association of Respiratory Physiotherapists (ARIR) available in Italian Information about COVID-19 for physiotherapists and patients and English

Japanese Physical Therapy Association guidance about COVID-19 and exercise Video: tips and exercises for people in quarantine or self-isolation 

Philippine Physical Therapy Association produced an FAQ guide for its members Statement on COVID-19

Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists resources and information in Polish and English and guideline for physiotherapy of adult patients produced by the Polish Respiratory Physiotherapy Expert Group in Polish and English

Physiotherapy New Zealand guidance for members and telehealth advice Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists resource area for physiotherapists and patients including links t national advice COVID-19 resources

Taiwan Physical Therapy Association exercise and wellbeing videos Video: relaxation and respiratory exercises and Video: exercises to boost the immune system

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK) resource centre including advice for practice, education, workplace, private practice, digital health and mental health and wellbeing. Information and guidance about coronavirus

American Physical Therapy Association resource area including practice guidance for members Coronavirus: Information for APTA Members

Information and resources from WHO

WHO has a dedicated COVID-19 area on their website, daily situation reports are made available and information is regularly updated. WHO has produced a report on Strategic preparedness and response plan for the new coronavirus

There is advice for the public on protecting yourself and they have produced a Handwashing video as well as myth busters

The technical guidance section includes infection and prevention advice, advice for health workers including, rights, roles and responsibilities, maintaining good mental health, and patient management.

WHO’s online courses relevant to COVID-19 are available in a range of languages.

The WHO information network for epidemics, EPI-WIN, provides access to further resources and updates.

Information and resources from other organisations

BMJ Best Practice collection on COVID-19

Cochrane Special Collection: Coronavirus (COVID-19): infection control and prevention measures available in available in Simplified Chinese, Farsi, English, French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Special Collection: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): evidence relevant to critical care available in Simplified Chinese, English, Farsi, French, Japanese, Malay, and Spanish. Further translations are planned.

Consejo General de Colegios de Fisioterapeutas de Espana has produced Informacion Covid-19 para fisioterapeutas

European Commission COVID-19 response resource centre

Evidence Aid is a not-for-profit organisation which specialises in collating and summarising the best-available evidence about how to effectively prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies and they have a COVID resource section. Material is being translated.

FutureLearn offers a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world and has a course on COVID developed by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, a world leader in research and postgraduate education in public and global health. They are offering free access to the course for its duration + 14 days, regardless of when you join their platform.

JAMA COVID-19 resource centre

LitCovid is a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus. It provides a central access to 1120 (and growing) research articles in PubMed. The articles are updated daily and are further categorized by different research topics and geographic locations for improved access.

NCD Alliance has a resource centre collating and directing to resources in support of  the population with NCDs, a vulnerable group for COVID-19.

NHS (UK) useful reference videos on Putting on personal protective equipment (PPE)  and Taking off personal protective equipment (PPE)

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) informative video on using personal protective equipment (PPE)

The Lancet COVID-19 resource centre

World Health Professions Alliance press release calling governments to prioritise support for healthcare workers in the front line against coronavirus