The team of physical therapists behind the website, including Lisa Harvey (back row, fourth from right), Owen Katalinic (back, second from right), Joanne Glinsky (front, second from right).

Exercise programmes free to all: WCPT embarks on a new partnership

WCPT has agreed a new professional partnership with – a web-based service run by physical therapists that enables colleagues around the world to generate exercise programmes for their patients.

The website provides access to over 1,000 exercises for people with different injuries and disabilities. These can be selected and easily compiled into exercise booklets for patients. Each exercise is illustrated and has accompanying explanatory text.

“ is a fantastic free resource, and its aims are clearly very closely allied to those of WCPT,” said WCPT’s Director of Professional Policy, Tracy Bury. “We’re delighted to have formed a professional partnership.”

WCPT develops professional partnerships with physical therapy organisations and projects which share the Confederation’s aim to advance evidence based practice and raise standards through the provision of open access resources. As partners, the two organisations will help raise each others’ profile. is the result of 15 years’ work by a small group of physiotherapists from public hospitals in Sydney, Australia. It is produced by Lisa Harvey, Owen Katalinic and Joanne Glinsky from the Kolling Institute at Sydney University, with technological input from IT consultant Peter Messenger.

“There is no equivalent website that physiotherapists can freely access to compile individualised exercises booklets for their patients,” said Lisa Harvey. “Our website continues to grow and has become a repository of exercise ideas from very senior and experienced physiotherapists. We hope that, because the exercises are freely available, there will be better outcomes for patients regardless of where they live.”

The website, which is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese, enables physiotherapists to search for exercises and then compile them. Booklets can be exported in different formats including Word, HTML and PDF, and can then be printed, emailed or sent to patients’ mobile devices.

 “Our website is a gift from a lot of physiotherapists around the world to physiotherapists everywhere,” said Lisa Harvey. “So it is appropriate that we partner with WCPT given that they represent us all.”

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