The allure of the poster: presentations proving popular in exhibition hall

The poster presentation section of the exhibition hall has proved a congress draw, with delegates gathering there for photos, conversations and networking. 

According to Pedro Borrego from Salamanca, Spain, it is one of the best poster areas he has visited. "The arrangement is exciting. You can find what you want, there are close areas for coffee, and it all feels very open - unlike some conferences where it all feels walled in."

And he had a suggestion for the future development of poster abstract displays: "People want to take pictures of the abstracts, but the words often come out too small. Why not include a QR code at the bottom of the poster which takes you to a high definition image?"

Aimee Stewart, Chair of the International Scientific Commitee which organised the congress programme, has long stressed the importance of poster presentations. “There are huge benefits in presenting a poster at congress," she said. "It’s on show all day, you can have detailed one-to-one conversations with lots of people while presenting it, and because of the poster walks we’re organising there’s opportunity to interact with some of the other top names in your specialty.”

The poster displays are part of the exhibition on level 4. The area is open until 17.30 on Sunday and 15.45 on Monday.