WCPT Look Forward Together: complete our second poll about issues affecting PT

What do you think are the main issues affecting the physical therapy profession in your country? Is it status, autonomy, pay and working conditions… or something else entirely?
WCPT today launches the second of its online polls gathering opinion from member organisations and the physical therapy community to inform its new strategic plan to the year 2021. This is part of the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation, launched last month.
You can complete the new poll at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BL6Q59N It will take only five minutes to complete.
Translations of the second poll questions in French and Spanish are now available for download at http://bit.ly/1SFLZl6 (French) and http://bit.ly/1kmTB0G (Spanish).
The first online poll asked about the main opportunities for the profession and has so far gathered 737 responses from 50 countries. There is still time to complete it at www.surveymonkey.com/r/JCCR76C. The new online poll asks about the more challenging issues for the profession. 

Eighty six per cent of the people who have so far completed the first poll were responding as individuals, and 14 per cent on behalf of WCPT member organisations. The majority (39%) have come from Europe, and the United States, India, Portugal and Canada are the countries providing most responses.

The Confederation has introduced the consultation as a means of being responsive to its growing number of members around the world, who face increasingly diverse challenges.

"In creating a strong strategic plan that is meaningful to everyone, we believe we have the opportunity to strengthen the profession as a whole,” said WCPT President Emma Stokes.

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