WCPT Vice President Margot Skinner address the WCPT South America Region meeting
WCPT Vice President Margot Skinner addresses the South America Region meeting

South America meetings address key issues for the profession in the region

WCPT's South America Region is celebrating the success of its fourth congress, which took place in Buenos Aires in early June. Delegates from across the continent gathered to discuss issues of importance to physical therapy.

The event was held alongside the Latin American Meeting of Academic Physiotherapy and the meeting of the WCPT South America Region.

“These events are very important because they allow communication between member organisations and teachers of the various universities that educate physiotherapists,” said WCPT Board member Gabriela Malma from Peru. 

“The issues discussed included policies on physiotherapy, development of the profession in the region and accreditation of courses in universities. We had the valuable participation of WCPT Vice President Margot Skinner, who told us about how WCPT is looking to the future, and its accreditation system.”

Gabriela Malma also thanked Oscar Ronzio from the Asociacion Argentina de Kinesiologia, and Karim Alvis from the Centro Latinoamericano de Desarrollo en Fisioterapia y Kinesiologia for their contribution to the success of the events. 

Oscar Ronzio, Gabriela Mallma, Jaime RebolloOscar Ronzio, Gabriela Mallma and Jaime Rebollo at the opening of the academic physiotherapy meeting