Board member John Xerri de Caro (right) pictured at the WCPT European Region meeting with Stefan Jutterdal from the Swedish association

The consultation ends and a new strategic plan moves WCPT forward

WCPT’s draft strategic plan for the next four years has received an overwhelmingly positive response from member organisations, regions, subgroups and networks. 

Ninety per cent of the 110 WCPT respondents to a survey on the draft plan said that it reflected the priorities for the Confederation that had been identified in previous polls: promoting the valuable contribution of physical therapy; direct access/self-referral; working with other professionals and decision makers; professional autonomy; pay and working conditions.
Overall, respondents agreed it was “forward thinking” and “achievable”.
WCPT President Emma Stokes and Board member John Xerri de Caro presented the plan and the survey findings at the WCPT European Region General Meeting in Limassol, Cyprus on 21st April. “There was an excellent discussion. We could give people the information they wanted, and also get the feedback we needed. It was very positive.”
Their presentation is available to view on SlideShare.
Board members Margot Skinner, Stacy de Gale and Gabriela Mallma will also be discussing the plan and survey results at the forthcoming meetings of WCPT’s North America Caribbean and South America regions. “These are great opportunities to touch base with the member organisations within the first year of this Board to get a sense of how they are feeling about the way that we’re working,” said Emma Stokes.
Now that the consultation process on WCPT’s strategic plan is over, the Board is working through the detailed comments provided by WCPT member organisations, regions, subgroups and networks to inform the final version of the plan. It is compiling a business plan which will be sent to member organisations for consideration in early June.
The plan looks ahead to the Confederation developing a stronger global community of physical therapists, building influence and supporting the profession with increased knowledge-sharing. The Confederation will aim to be an exemplar organisation: flexible, outward-looking, egalitarian, creative, communicative, professional.

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