Association with WCPT is a valued benefit for individual PTs, survey finds

WCPT’s detailed survey of WCPT member organisations, subgroups, networks and individual physical therapists has yielded an impressive 786 responses, with 81 of WCPT’s 111 member organisations providing responses on behalf of their organisation. 

As part of the WCPT Look Forward Together consultation, designed to inform the Confederation’s strategic plan for 2016-2021, stakeholders were asked for their views on WCPT’s objectives, roles and relationships.  

Among individual physical therapists, nearly 85% of respondents said that they regarded their professional organisation’s relationship with WCPT as a benefit of their membership. 

There was near unanimous agreement with a set of WCPT objectives in the survey: 97% of physical therapists agreed that WCPT should:

  • be a vibrant, engaged, connected, global community 
  • bring about changes in global health policy 
  • promote a world movement for movement 
  • be a knowledge hub that listens, collects, curates, disseminates
  • be an excellent listener and communicator, well-governed, financially sustainable, flexible, outward-facing, creative.

Nearly all responding physical therapists (95%) supported the ideas that more physical therapists should be members of WCPT member organisations, and that more could volunteer to help WCPT in a variety of ways.  

71% of individual respondents were members of WCPT member organisations. Nearly half of respondents came from Europe, with the greatest numbers coming from Italy and the United States.

“The response has been fantastic,” said WCPT President Emma Stokes. “All these voices are helping shape the strategic plan, and we’re very excited about getting the first iteration of the plan out for more consultation shortly.”

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