A still from one of the two WCPT videos

Videos profile WCPT's history, achievements and ambitions

Two videos from WCPT profile the Confederation’s history, ambitions and achievements. 

The films, viewable on WCPT’s YouTube channel, are designed with WCPT member organisations in mind.  They are intended to be shared widely and used at talks and presentations.

They are available to view with subtitles in English, French and Spanish. 

The first video, “WCPT in 2015: growing, unifying, moving physical therapy forward” looks at the WCPT’s history, values and priorities as it adapts to a changing world. 

The second video “WCPT in 2015: meeting the needs of members”, examines WCPT activity 2001-5.

To turn on subtitles, click on the “CC” icon at the bottom right of the video. To change language of subtitles, click on the round cog icon to the right of it, and select language on the drop-down subtitles menu. Please note that the French and Spanish subtitles are created using Google Translate, and WCPT cannot guarantee their accuracy.



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