Rachael Lowe of Physiopedia meets delegates at stand D15 in the exhibition hall

Meet the people who run our profession's online encyclopedia – and much more too

Physiopedia – the Wikipedia for Physical Therapists – is a professional partner of the World Confederation for Physical Therapists. Go to its stand D15 in the exhibition hall and find out about its work – which includes running online continuing education courses as well as producing 1800 pages of physical therapy information online.

Here in Singapore, it delivered a pre-congress course on creating and delivering open online courses. It is the only organisation that is running physical therapy specific courses of this type.  Registration is currently open for its massive online course (MOOC) on lower limb amputation, which will start on June 1st for six weeks. It is planning a spinal injuries online course for October.

“Physiopedia has been created by our community for our profession,” says its founder Rachael Lowe, a British physiotherapist. “Universities contribute through educational projects, clinics and organisations take part in professional development projects and individuals contribute as part of their own self directed learning.  It is currently visited by nearly 500,000 people from over 200 countries every month.  In fact, Physiopedia has been visited by all countries in the world except one, Western Sahara!”

This year, Physiopedia begins a new global project to collect case studies from the global physiotherapy community.  “The aim of the Big Physio Survey is to create a rich picture that describes the everyday work of the profession,” says Rachael Lowe. The project will be piloted in the UK in October and will be extended to other countries in subsequent years.

If you would like to find out more about Physiopedia, our open online courses or the Big Physio Survey, visit them for a chat on stand D15.