Plug into WCPT networks and advance practice

New international networks are helping physical therapists with a special interest to link up and move their speciality forward. WCPT is encouraging physical therapists from around the world to engage with the Confederation’s networks and their online projects and discussions.

“Engagement and involvement lead to change, and we’d love to see every physical therapist asking questions, putting forward ideas, engaging in debate, through all the channels that are now available,” said Tracy Bury, WCPT’s Director of Professional Policy. 

WCPT now has 11 networks, covering areas from amputee rehabilitation to spinal cord injury. Each has a LinkedIn discussion group or other online forum. Some are working towards official WCPT subgroup status. “The importance of these goes beyond networking for its own sake,” said Tracy Bury. “It goes to the core of WCPT’s aims – these are tangible ways of exchanging information to advance practice.”

A full list of all WCPT’s networks, their LinkedIn groups and other social media outlets, can be viewed at

Here are some of the networks and their latest activity:

WCPT Network for Amputee Rehabilitation (AR)

WCPT’s Network for Amputee Rehabilitation is collaborating with Physiopedia to develop an online resource and free online course on amputation. Physiopedia is the online Wikipedia for physical therapists and a professional partner of WCPT. 

Physiopedia wants to populate its web resource with practical, credible and thought-provoking information on all aspects of management of people with limb deficiency including amputation. Much of the content of the project is being guided by the curriculum for the future amputee rehabilitation massive open online course (MOOC) that will be run by Physiopedia in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in June 2015.

“The course started because the ICRC needed a cost-effective way of teaching the basic theory of amputation rehabilitation to their workforce,” says Rachel Lowe, founder of Physiopedia. 

“We wanted to make the project as global as possible, and the WCPT Network for Amputee Rehabilitation has been helping with this. In specialist topics like this international collaboration is extremely important to spread information, make resources go further and not duplicate effort.”

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International Federation of Physical Therapists working in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (IFPTOHE)

The IFPTOHE will be holding a networking session at the WCPT Congress in Singapore this May, where physical therapists with an interest in occupational health and ergonomics can meet and share ideas about their important work.

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International Physical Therapists for HIV/AIDS, Oncology, Hospice and Palliative Care

IPT-HOPE has published a range of recorded educational sessions on physical therapy for people with HIV and cancer. They are available for download from the network’s section of the WCPT website. 

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Aquatic Physical Therapy International

The network has the opportunity to meet face to face every four years at WCPT's international congress.  The next meeting will be in May 2015 in Singapore.

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