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WCPT announces Elsevier as publishing partner

WCPT has announced that the main publishing partner for the forthcoming WCPT Congress will be Elsevier, the world-leading publisher of more than 2,000 medical and scientific journals and 25,000 books. 

Under the partnership, Elsevier will publish an online supplement to its journal Physiotherapy containing all the abstracts from the congress.  The abstracts will also be published and accessible free of charge online via Elsevier’s Science Direct website, as well as via the WCPT website.

Tracy Bury, WCPT’s Director of Professional Policy, said the announcement was great news for the congress, and all those presenting at it. “We are pleased to be partnering with Elsevier again. They have an impressive global network, so this is a great way of giving the work and research of physical therapists presenting at congress the highest profile possible,” she said. “We hope this is a further incentive for physical therapists to submit abstracts for presentation at congress – they will all get a journal citation.”

Along with Elsevier, WCPT has also made agreements with Maney Publishing and John Wiley & Sons. All three publishers aim to publish selected congress proceedings in their journals and will be approaching presenters at the WCPT Congress to encourage them to submit manuscripts for publication. Acceptance will be subject to the usual peer review requirements of the journals, but will give presenters access to high impact journals with international reach. 

Elsevier journals include: Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, and Physical Therapy in Sport. Maney journals include: Physical Therapy Reviews, Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy and International Musculoskeletal Medicine. Wiley publishes the journal Physiotherapy Research International

“Peer review and publication in a scientific journal are essential to furthering the evidence base for physical therapy,” said Tracy Bury. “We welcome the support from all our publishing partners in encouraging the submission of high quality presentations so that the work can reach as wide an audience as possible.” 

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