One of the images used in this year's World Physical Therapy Day publicity materials

The message for World Physical Therapy Day 2015: fulfilling potential

WCPT has launched its new toolkit of materials for World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September. The suggested focus for this year is “Fulfilling potential”. 

Among the new materials on offer is a message to mark the day from WCPT President Emma Stokes, to be used freely in physical therapy newsletters, magazines and journals. She explains how physical therapists can evoke potential and empower clients and patients.
“Through our engagement with them and our focus on physical activity, exercise and movement we have the power to ensure that people reach their potential whatever it may be,” she writes. 
She urges all physical therapists to use World Physical Therapy Day to consider how they work with patients and clients to ensure that patients and clients “own” the health behaviour changes that are important to sustain healthy lives. 
“The overarching message of World Physical Therapy Day is 'Movement for Health' and on this day when we mark the foundation of WCPT and communicate to thousands of people around the world the value of physical therapy, let’s also ask ourselves what more can we do to enable our patients and clients to achieve their potential.”
World Physical Therapy Day is marked every year by thousands of physical therapists around the world drawing attention to the profession's contribution in promoting global health. The day was designated by WCPT in 1996, marking the date that the Confederation was founded on 8th September 1951. The day marks the unity and achievement of the global physical therapy community. 
WCPT produces a toolkit of materials for WCPT member organisations and others to use in local and national campaigns, if they wish. The toolkit includes posters, flyers, ideas, practical advice, resources on the contribution of physical therapists, stickers and t-shirt designs.

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